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All About Baking Temperatures

Wondering what temperature is right for the dough to bake? Check out this guide, that makes sense into every cookie and cake!

All About Water

Can water reach a state that’s hotter than hell? Check out this article, where we’ll unravel the Leidenfrost spell.

All About Carbon Steel

Cookware for daily use that lasts for generations? Check out carbon steel that will prepare almost any food with elation!

All About Stainless Steel Cookware

A cookware that withstand the fury and wrath of kitchen gods? Check out this article to see why stainless steel is any chef’s soft spot!

Some Things About Eggs

Fascinated by how do eggs work to create delight? Check out this article that will shed light on this culinary might!

How Does Salt Enhance Flavor

Salt is composed of sodium chloride. When salt is broken down by saliva, it undergoes dissociation into Na+ and Cl-.

How Coffee Works

Caffeine, the primary active ingredient in coffee, has a well-established reputation for being an energy booster.

Water Content in Meat & Poultry

Does meat have high water content or is it dry, like the Sahara sky?Check out this article, it explains how moisture in meat won’t run dry.

Ascorbic Acid in Baking

Does ascorbic acid enhance the dough’s rise and help it rise higher? Check out this article for insights on its baking power.


Cooking Techniques

Using our instincts and experimenting in the kitchen can take as far as any human can get in the world of flavors but if we need to know what we are doing?


Cooking with Alcohol

Cooking with alcohol elevates us to the highest level of cooking. A bit of wine or a dash of rum makes us feel like we have reached the chef’s hall of fame.


Canning procedures

Canning in practice Canning procedure No.1 Clean the jars Pack product to within ¼” / 0.5cm of top and seal. Heat process in boiling water bath canner for 15 minutes (or check chart below). Count time from when water returns to boil after putting the jars in the water. Allow the jars too cool down …

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Soup Types

Soups are the easiest of dishes to nicely prepare or utterly ruin. The selection of soups is so vast that even categorizing them is a challenge.


Difference Between Mexican and Spanish Chorizo

Mexico and Spain are a world apart but their Chorizos aren’t that different after all. Both are minced meat filled into casings but dedicated time and loving care make the difference.


Baking Substitution List

When cooking gluten-free, it’s not always a cup-for-cup replacement. Amounts may vary, and other chemical agents may be needed.