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The Good, The Bad & The Egg

Are eggs bad because their fat content increases cholesterol or they are good because they are packed with nutrients? Or are they both?

Are Human Brains Supercomputers?

Scientists have discovered that the brain uses Bayesian inference combining prior knowledge with new evidence, to interpret visual stimuli.

Maple Syrup to The Rescue?

To the delight of many, maple syrup’s potential as a natural sweetener extends beyond its delicious taste, according to research.

Reversing obesity with a jab?

A breakthrough study has demonstrated the potential of nanogel-based medication delivery to effectively treat diet-induced disease.

Novel Dietary Link to Aging

Researchers have demonstrated the potential of dietary modifications to promote healthy aging in yeast, even without calorie restriction.

Popping a Pill to Feast on Junk?

Dreaming about munching on fast food menus with donuts, ice creams and large sodas without putting on any weight? It might just be possible!

Sourdough Secrets Revealed

Researchers have unveiled the discovery of 21 chemical compounds responsible for the unique taste and aroma found in sourdough bread.

Engineers discover brain-gut link

Cutting-edge technology has been developed by us, MIT engineers, to investigate the intricate relationship between the brain and the gut.

Exercise enhance brain health

Physical activity, often recommended for enhancing physical and mental well-being, can also have a direct positive impact on brain health.