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About us

Welcome to SunCakeMom FitttZee!

If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change.

It’s an epic quote that even Batman borrowed for a movie but probably no one thought that it’s about dieting, right?

Eating healthy is just a state of mind. We can change it whenever we like. Any night after we brushed our teeth, we can look at ourselves in the mirror take a deep breath and decide that we are going to eat healthy from now.

The problem is that we are not always in full control of what we do, and our mind can go into auto mode to change itself back. This is why when we get up in the morning, we automatically pour ourselves the same unhealthy breakfast as we always do.

It takes an enormous effort to get ourselves out of the routine and do something else. It’s like trying to steer a sled that rushes down the hillside. Once we have sat on it and rushing down, we have very little control of where it goes.

The only control we have, is picking the right hill for the ride.

Our goal is to explore the behavioral science behind our decisions so we can understand better the underlying connections that govern our life. Only when we are aware of why we do what we do, we are able to take control over our life.

We like to think that we are free beings capable of making reasonable decisions and follow them through. But anyone who ever tried to quit smoking, drinking, sugar, coffee or any abusive substances knows that there are forces that can convince, oblige or lull us into the opposite direction we intend to go.

  • How many times we swore to quit something before closing our eyes to sleep then the next day we just stood there powerless watching ourselves from the outside not capable to intervene in our own destructions until too late?
  • How many times we had been left staring at the morsels of our improvised gorging, humiliated by our own actions, swore to have more strength tomorrow?
  • How many times we had hours long fights with ourselves, successfully mastering all of our strength only to crumble into pieces when someone nudged us back into the abyss with the sweet sounding “Would you like some…”?

We have been chastising ourselves for the lack of willpower but that’s like blaming our legs being too weak to alter the course of our downhill speeding sleigh. It’s not designed for that and it will not work that way.

The only way to win a fight against temptation is, not getting into one. We may drive in a couple of punches and withstand some more but on the long run we can’t fight with ourselves and win.

Our unconscious behavior is rooted in our biology that developed well before we bit the apple and grew a neocortex. Our primitive brain helped us survive in the wilderness, making split second decisions, recognizing friends from foes or simply help us breath and pump blood inside our body.

Unfortunately, the neocortex -where we actually reside- grew on top of the old primitive brain and it does not just ask its opinion out in many matters, but it acts according to those biases too.

It’s a bit like an old couple who are together for over 50 years, yet if grandpa goes shopping on his own, he needs granny’s approval for swapping one brand sugar with the other or take her wrath for it.

Are we doomed to stay who we are and what we do forever?

As old dogs can learn new tricks so can humans. With careful observation and planning, we can satisfy the needs of our rigid primitive brain and achieve what we want to do too.

Once we figure out what the underlying reasons of our actions are, we can change our responses to them, essentially replacing our old unhealthy habits with new healthy ones.

From an outside observer, we become the master of our own actions and we are able to take control over our own life.

We will be able to unleash the power in us to find the strength we need to finish each day to be proud of being ourselves.

More importantly, we’ll be able to enjoy life without the fear of crumbling into pieces, not only because we’ll have superhuman willpower but because we’ll learn how to take advantage of our own weakness and make our recipes healthier.

The Crew

She is Edi Baker who loves baking for fun. She also bakes when she needs some “me” time or when her family asks her to contribute something to the Sunday dinner table. Not as she can’t cook delicious Sunday roast but she bakes pies much better.
She is mainly a grade 6 teacher. During the school year she finds peace under the humming noise of the airflow oven where she is left alone with her thoughts and some kind of flour. This is where magic or rarely disasters happen.Edi-Baker-Profile-2-SunCakeMom

Not being the follower type in life, she always found it difficult to follow recipes in the kitchen, too. She has never gone to baking school or housewife course to get the basics right. However, when she was a small girl, she always lurked around her mother or grandma, whoever was in the kitchen. They had countless chats about big and little questions of life whilst she was helping and learning baking tricks from them that time.

Edi-Baker-Profile-4-SunCakeMomWhen she got into her own kitchen, many years after she left her family home, she started experimenting with all sort of treats and inventing her own cakes and biscuits. It seems that she’s got a natural talent for it, as they turned out to be more than just edible. Soon, she got awarded a responsibility to bake birthday cakes for all of her friends’ party. The only problem was that no-one had known the names of the cakes because no-one had named them nor written down the recipes. It was really hard to explain who wanted which cake.

Then came the idea of writing down the recipes, just to have them somewhere thus SunCakeMom was born in 2014.

The other part of the team is Thomas Cook. He is responsible for all things technical and cooking. He is Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and WordPress. He sharpens the knives, reviews the kitchen tools, takes the photos and builds the site. Also, he has to destroy all the cakes and cookies that aesthetics aren’t up to the site standards. It’s a taxing task so he has taken up running five times a week to be able to cope with the challenge.


During the years the site changed quite a bit and so did the people. Refined sugar has been eliminated from diets; white flour and dairy consumption has been reduced as well. We haven’t gone gluten-free or paleo but we are trying to follow a nutritious, natural, healthy, balanced diet. This change of mind mirrors itself in our recipes during the years starting with the ingredients we choose through the processes we follow.

On our site there are links to products which are used by us, loved by us thus recommended by us. If someone buys them through our links we are going to get a bit of commission of which we are grateful as it helps the site going.

If someone is fancy to know what information we collect and how we keep our eyes on the happiness of our visitors check out the Privacy Policy of

We hope our recipes will cause as much pleasure as they did making them. To get in touch with us here is our contact us page.