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Workout Program – EPIC Endgame– 10 Weeks

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these workouts now and start the challenge right off the bat!

This program a 10-week intermediate to advanced level fitness training program. It is designed for people who have some prior experience with fitness and are looking to challenge themselves with a structured and intense workout regimen. This program incorporates a variety of exercises and workout formats, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training with weights (dumbbells), bodyweight exercises, and different muscle group splits.

The program is suitable for people who are seeking to:

  1. Improve overall fitness and endurance.
  2. Build strength and muscle.
  3. Challenge themselves with different workout formats.
  4. Progress through a structured 10-week training plan.

The sessions will include all of the variety, challenges, structure and of course the fun that is the EPIC Programs.
EPIC Endgame will be a resistance program using either dumbbells or bodyweight that will help increase strength, endurance, co-ordination, core stability, ability to control our body, body awareness, and reduced risk of injury longterm due to increased strength, bone density and mobility…not to mention increase the
overall sense of wellbeing!

Each workout will be between 30 and 40 minutes duration. This duration will incorporate the actual workout itself and the ‘burnouts’ or finishers’.

The introduction to the workout, warm up, and a cool down will be extra to the duration so the total exercise time will be between the 30 to 40 minutes.
Suggested warm-ups will be provided in the form of a separate video.
The EPIC Programs are tailored for intermediate to advanced. The workouts are typically time based so complete at a pace that suits our current experience, ability, energy level on the day and relative to the weights we have access to.

Warm up options



DAY 1Lower BodyPROPER Leg Day Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 2Upper BodyBOLD Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 3Lower BodyONLY THE GLUTES Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 4Rest Day 
DAY 5Full BodyREVOLVE Dumbbell Full Body Circuits Workout
DAY 6Rest Day 
DAY 7Cardio/HIITCOSMIC Cardio Complex Workout – No Equipment


DAY 8Upper BodyTORCHED Triceps & Chest Workout – Dumbbells
DAY 9Lower BodyLIFTED Lower Body Workout – Dumbbell Leg Day
DAY 10Upper BodyBRAWNY Back and Biceps Workout + Abs & Core
DAY 11Rest Day 
DAY 12Full BodyFLUID Full Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 13Rest Day 
DAY 14Cardio/HIITTITAN Tabata HIIT Workout – Bodyweight


DAY 15Lower BodyCALVES INCLUDED Lower Body Workout – Legs
DAY 16Upper BodyUPLIFTED Upper Body Dumbbell Workout
DAY 17Lower BodyHELLO Hamstrings & Glutes Dumbbell Workout
DAY 18Rest Day 
DAY 19Full BodyFULL-ON Full Body Dumbbell Workout
DAY 20Rest Day 
DAY 21Cardio/HIITCRAZY CARDIO Full Body Workout – No Equipment


DAY 22Upper BodySTRUCTURED Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 23Lower BodyBALANCED Lower Body Workout – Dumbbells & Bodyweight
DAY 24Upper BodyPUMPED UP Arms & Core Workout – Dumbbells
DAY 25Rest Day 
DAY 26Full BodyPRE-EXHAUST Dumbbell Full Body Workout
DAY 27Rest Day 
DAY 28Cardio/HIITDOMINANT Dumbbell Full Body HIIT Workout


DAY 29Lower BodyQUALITY Quads & Calves – Dumbbell Leg Workout
DAY 30Upper BodyPUSH THEN PULL Dumbbell Upper Body Workout
DAY 31Lower BodyGAINFUL Glutes and Core Workout – Dumbbells
DAY 32Rest Day 
DAY 33Full BodyCALCULATED Dumbbell Full Body Workout
DAY 34Rest Day 
DAY 35Cardio/HIITKNOCKOUT HIIT Cardio Full Body Workout


DAY 36Upper BodyKILLER Chest and Tricep Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 37Lower BodyFIREWALKER Lower Body Workout – Leg Day
DAY 38Upper BodyBOSSED Back, Biceps and Abs Workout
DAY 39Rest Day 
DAY 40Full BodyFORTIFIED Full Body Workout – Strength & Cardio
DAY 41Rest Day 
DAY 42Cardio/HIITSUPERSET SENSATION Full Body Cardio Workout


DAY 43Lower BodySUCCESSIVE Circuits – Dumbbell Leg Workout
DAY 44Upper BodyDISRUPTED Dumbbell Upper Body Workout
DAY 45Lower BodyFUSED Glutes & Core Workout – Giant Circuits
DAY 46Rest Day 
DAY 47Full BodyPEAKED Full Body Workout – Pyramid Training
DAY 48Rest Day 
DAY 49Cardio/HIITTAKE-CHARGE Tabata HIIT Workout – Bodyweight


DAY 50Upper BodySHOULDERS OF STEEL Dumbbell Shoulder Workout
DAY 51Lower BodyNEXT LEVEL Lower Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 52Upper BodyAMAZING Arms and Abs Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 53Rest Day 
DAY 54Full BodyCALM & COLLECTED Calisthenics Full Body Workout
DAY 55Rest Day 
DAY 56Cardio/HIITDISTINCT Dumbbell HIIT Workout – Full Body


DAY 57Lower BodyQUINTESSENTIAL Quads and Calves Workout
DAY 58Upper BodyEFFECTUAL Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 59Lower BodyGROWING Glutes and Hamstrings Workout
DAY 60Rest Day 
DAY 61Full BodyTHE FLOW Full Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 62Rest Day 
DAY 63Cardio/HIITEUPHORIC EMOM HIIT Workout – Advanced


DAY 64Upper BodyUNBREAKABLE Upper Body Workout – Shoulders, Chest & Triceps
DAY 65Lower BodyBIG-TIME Bulgarian Lunges – Leg Day Workout
DAY 66Upper BodyPERFECT Push Ups and Abs Workout – Bodyweight
DAY 67Rest Day 
DAY 68Full BodySUPERSET Full Body Workout with Dumbbells
DAY 69Rest Day 
DAY 70Cardio/HIITThe EPIC Endgame Finale – Strength and Cardio Workout

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