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Workout Program – EPIC II – 10 Weeks

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these workouts now and start the challenge right off the bat!

This program a 10-week intermediate to advanced level fitness training program. It is designed for people who have some prior experience with fitness and are looking to challenge themselves with a structured and intense workout regimen. This program incorporates a variety of exercises and workout formats, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training with weights (dumbbells), bodyweight exercises, and different muscle group splits.

The program is suitable for people who are seeking to:

  1. Improve overall fitness and endurance.
  2. Build strength and muscle.
  3. Challenge themselves with different workout formats.
  4. Progress through a structured 10-week training plan.

It’s important for individuals considering this program to have a solid foundation of fitness and be prepared for the intensity and variety of workouts it offers. They should also ensure they have the necessary equipment, such as dumbbells, for the weighted exercises.

This program is well-structured and progressively challenging, which can help people see improvements in their fitness levels over the course of 10 weeks.

Warm up options



DAY 1HIIT Workout40 Min HIIT + Low Intensity Cardio / No Equipment / No Repeat 
DAY 2Lower Body Workout50 Min Compound Leg Workout / Dumbbells & Bodyweight 
DAY 3Upper Body Workout45 Min Upper Body Workout / Dumbbells & Bodyweight 
DAY 4Full Body WorkoutCardio Dumbbell Full Body Workout / Core Focus 
DAY 5Rest Day 
DAY 6Full Body WorkoutThe SLOW BURN – 1 Hour Full Body Workout 
DAY 7Rest Day 


DAY 8HIIT WorkoutINTENSE Full Body HIIT Workout with Weights 
DAY 9Upper Body Workout45 Min Shoulders and Triceps Workout with Dumbbells 
DAY 10Lower Body WorkoutUNILATERAL Leg Day / 45 Min Lower Body Workout 
DAY 11Upper Body WorkoutBUILD Back and Biceps Workout at Home / Dumbbells 
DAY 12Rest Day 
DAY 13Full Body WorkoutPOWERFUL Full Body workout with Dumbbells 
DAY 14Rest Day 


DAY 15HIIT Workout30 Min HARD HIIT Full Body Workout at Home 
DAY 16Lower Body WorkoutHamstring & GLUTE Isolation Workout / Dumbbells 
DAY 17Upper Body Workout45 Min COMPLETE Chest & Triceps Workout / Dumbbells 
DAY 18Core Workout45 Min Lower Abs & Quads on FIRE Workout 
DAY 19Rest Day 
DAY 20Full Body WorkoutFUN Full Body Strength & Cardio Circuits Workout 
DAY 21Rest Day 


DAY 22HIIT Workout30 Min SUPERset HIIT Workout / No Equipment 
DAY 23Upper Body Workout45 Min ARM DAY Workout with Dumbbells 
DAY 24Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell LEG DAY Workout / PYRAMID Sets 
DAY 25Upper Body Workout45 Min STRONG Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells 
DAY 26Rest Day 
DAY 27Full Body WorkoutCALISTHENICS 1 Hour Full Body Workout / No Equipment 
DAY 28Rest Day 


DAY 29HIIT Workout30 Min SWIFT HIIT Workout / No Equipment / No Jumping 
DAY 30Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell Lower Body COMPLEX Workout / Leg Day 
DAY 31Upper Body WorkoutIT’S ROW TIME! 45 Min Back Workout with Dumbbells 
DAY 32Lower Body WorkoutINTENSE Hamstrings and Core Focus Workout 
DAY 33Rest Day 
DAY 34Full Body Workout1 Hour Dumbbell Full Body CARDIO Complex Workout 
DAY 35Rest Day 


DAY 36HIIT Workout30 Min BLAZING CARDIO HIIT Workout / Dumbbells 
DAY 37Upper Body WorkoutFOCUSED Front Delts & ABS Workout / SHOULDERS 
DAY 38Lower Body WorkoutSQUATS FOR THE GLUTES Workout / Dumbbells / Legs 
DAY 39Upper Body WorkoutTHE PUMP WORKOUT / Upper Body Complexes 
DAY 40Rest Day 
DAY 41Full Body Workout1 Hour Full Body TEMPO TRAINING / Isometric Workout 
DAY 42Rest Day 


DAY 43HIIT WorkoutRED HOT HIIT Workout Full Body / No Equipment 
DAY 44Lower Body WorkoutLower Body Workout – Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes & Quads 
DAY 45Upper Body WorkoutHARDcore + chest workout – Trisets / Dumbbells 
DAY 46Full Body WorkoutSquat and Press NO LESS Full Body Workout 
DAY 47Rest Day 
DAY 48Full Body WorkoutKINETIC Calisthenics Full Body Workout / No Equipment 
DAY 49Rest Day 


DAY 50HIIT WorkoutTHE DROP HIIT Cardio Full Body Workout 
DAY 51Full Body WorkoutLOADED Glute, Hamstring & Back Workout / Posterior Chain 
DAY 52Lower Body WorkoutTOUGH Tempo Training / Leg Day Workout 
DAY 53Upper Body WorkoutDEAD ARMS & Shoulder Workout / Upper Body 
DAY 54Rest Day 
DAY 55Full Body WorkoutFULL THROTTLE Full Body Dumbbell Workout / Cardio 
DAY 56Rest Day 


DAY 57HIIT WorkoutTITANIC Tabata HIIT Workout / No Equipment 
DAY 58Full Body WorkoutSWEATY Circuits – Dumbbells / Bodyweight Full Body Workout 
DAY 59Upper Body WorkoutPROactive PUSH UP Workout 
DAY 60Lower Body WorkoutGREAT Glutes & Abs Workout / Hip Thrusts 
DAY 61Rest Day 
DAY 62Full Body WorkoutFEARLESS Full Body Dumbbell Workout / Complex 
DAY 63Rest Day 


DAY 64HIIT WorkoutEPIC EMOM Full Body HIIT Workout / No Equipment 
DAY 65Lower Body WorkoutDEFINED Delts & Calf Workout / Dumbbells 
DAY 66Lower Body WorkoutLEGENDARY Leg Workout / No Frills Leg Day 
DAY 67Full Body WorkoutELEVATED Calisthenics Workout / Full Body 
DAY 68Rest Day 
DAY 69Full Body WorkoutTHE FINALE Full Body Workout 

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