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Workout Program – Beginner – 5 days

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these workouts now and start the challenge right off the bat!

The “Beginner EPIC Series” program is designed for individuals who are new to exercise or have limited experience with fitness routines. Here’s who this program is suitable for:

  1. Beginners
    This program is explicitly designed for beginners who may not have a strong background in fitness or exercise. It provides a gentle introduction to working out and gradually builds up in intensity.
  2. People with Limited Equipment
    The program requires minimal equipment – a mat, a pair of dumbbells or filled water bottles, a wall, and a stable chair. This makes it accessible to individuals who don’t have access to a full gym.
  3. Individuals Looking to Develop Fundamentals
    The program focuses on fundamental movements that are important for overall fitness. It helps participants develop strength, balance, coordination, muscular endurance, and core stability.
  4. Those Seeking Low-Impact Options
    While it introduces beginners to fitness, it also includes a low-impact, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, which can be suitable for individuals looking for effective but gentler workout options.
  5. People Who Want Flexibility in Timing
    The program is flexible in terms of when participants can complete the workouts. They can do it at their own pace and as and when it suits their schedule.
  6. Individuals Interested in Progression
    The program is designed to prepare beginners for more intense workouts in the future. It acts as a stepping stone to more advanced fitness programs.
  7. Those Seeking Guidance
    The program is available on a YouTube channel, which means participants can follow along with video demonstrations and instructions, making it easier for beginners to understand and perform the exercises correctly.
  8. People Who Want to Challenge Themselves Gradually
    The program encourages participants to challenge themselves but also emphasizes that there is no pressure to perform at a high intensity. It allows individuals to progress at their own pace.

It’s important for beginners to start slowly and ensure they have proper form and technique to prevent injuries. This program provides an excellent foundation for individuals looking to begin their fitness journey and gradually build their strength and endurance. As with any exercise program, it’s advisable for beginners to consult with a fitness professional or medical expert if they have any concerns or health conditions before starting.

Warm up options



Day 1

Lower Body

30 Min

Day 2

Upper Body Workout

30 Min

Day 3

Ab & Core Workout

30 Min

Day 4

Full Body Workout

30 Min

Day 5

Full Body HIIT Workout

30 Min

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