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Workout Program – IRON – 6 Weeks

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these workouts now to build muscles right off the mat!

This program a 6-week intermediate to advanced level fitness training program. It is designed for people who have some prior experience with fitness and are looking to challenge themselves with a structured and intense workout regimen. This program incorporates a variety of exercises and workout formats, including strength training with weights (dumbbells), bodyweight exercises, and different muscle group splits.

The program is suitable for people who are seeking to:

  1. Improve overall fitness and endurance.
  2. Build strength and muscle.
  3. Challenge themselves with different workout formats.
  4. Progress through a structured 6-week training plan.


DAY 1Lower Body WorkoutLeg Workout – Dumbbell Leg Day 
DAY 2Upper Body WorkoutUpper Body Workout – Shoulders, Back, Chest 
DAY 3Lower Body WorkoutGlute Workout – Dumbbell Lower Body 
DAY 4Active / Rest Day 
DAY 5Full Body WorkoutFull Body Workout – Dumbbell Circuits 
DAY 6Rest Day 
DAY 7Upper Body / Core WorkoutArms and Abs Workout – Biceps, Triceps 


DAY 8Lower Body WorkoutQuad Workout – Dumbbell Leg Day 
DAY 9Upper Body WorkoutShoulders & Triceps Workout – Dumbbells 
DAY 10Lower Body WorkoutGlutes & Hamstrings Workout – Hip Thrusts
DAY 11Active / Rest Day 
DAY 12Full Body WorkoutFull Body Dumbbell Cardio Workout 
DAY 13Rest Day 
DAY 14Upper Body WorkoutBack & Biceps Workout – Rows, Curls 


DAY 15Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell Leg Workout – Calves Included 
DAY 16Upper Body WorkoutUpper Body Chest and Triceps Workout 
DAY 17Lower Body WorkoutPosterior Chain Workout – Glutes, Hamstrings,
DAY 18Active / Rest Day 
DAY 19Full Body WorkoutUnilateral Training Full Body Workout 
DAY 20Rest Day 
DAY 21Upper Body WorkoutShoulder Workout – Compound & Isolation 


DAY 22Lower Body WorkoutHamstrings Workout – Hip Extension & Flex
DAY 23Upper Body WorkoutComplete Upper Body Workout 
DAY 24Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell Glute Workout – Supersets 
DAY 25Active / Rest Day 
DAY 26Full Body WorkoutMuscle Building Full Body Workout 
DAY 27Rest Day 
DAY 28Upper Body / Core WorkoutSuperset Arms, Abs and Core Workout 


DAY 29Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell Leg Day Workout – Stepups 
DAY 30Upper Body WorkoutUpper Body Chest and Back Workout 
DAY 31Lower Body WorkoutSuperset Glutes and Hamstrings Workout 
DAY 32Active / Rest Day 
DAY 33Full Body WorkoutFull Body Circuits Workout – Dumbbells 
DAY 34Rest Day 
DAY 35Upper Body WorkoutSuperset Dumbbell Shoulder Workout 


DAY 36Lower Body WorkoutLeg Workout – Circuits & Step Ups 
DAY 37Upper Body WorkoutUpper Body Workout – Antagonist Sets 
DAY 38Lower Body WorkoutDumbbell Glute Workout – Iron Glutes 
DAY 39Active / Rest Day 
DAY 40Full Body WorkoutFinal Full Body Workout – Hypertrophy 
DAY 41Rest Day 
DAY 42Upper Body / Core Workout30 Min Arms, Abs and Core Workout 

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