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Weekly Meal Plan – PPCR – Churros3

How to lose fat on a naughty schedule? Check out this meal plan, it so gleefully bad it makes everyone giggle!

This is a weekly meal plan that main goal is eat churros / donut / fried bread every day. Just like the Basic5, Basic4 or Basic3 meal plans, it’s still easy to prepare for anyone with basic kitchen equipment and skills. It aims to provide the bare minimum of protein for someone who is not active at all but want to lose as much body fat as possible. This is not healthy way to shed weight but the meal plan only stands here as a proof of concept.

The main protein sources are pork, chicken, egg and tuna. The meat can be substituted with another type without great difference in protein or calorie values except for chicken breast. Chicken breast is way higher in protein and lower in calories than other meat products.

The meal plan is designed for 0.8g/kg protein intake for people who do not move a muscle all day long. The meals should be separated by a 2 – 3 hour window for optimal protein absorption. The goal here is to lose as much weight as possible while supporting the body with the bare minimum protein intake. Calorie intake is greatly restricted that should create at least 500kcal deficit for any person.

Keep in mind that churros / donut / langos nutritional values can vary greatly depending on ingredients, cooking methods or brands. If someone seriously wants to do this sort of meal plan and expecting results, calculating the macros with the used ingredients is paramount.

Vegetables – Fruits


Vegetable soup made with preparation day’s chicken or pork roast drippings can last for days in the fridge but can also be frozen in batches and warmed up as needed. Additional vegetables can be cooked in daily if required. For example making a large batch of green bean soup can be turned into a little bit different the next day by cooking in the daily batch some potatoes, then peas the next day. The third day we can add cauliflower then broccoli on the next, and Brussels sprouts the day after. The vegetables can be mixed and matched or pureed if necessary. Adding a spoonful of no fat Greek yogurt to the soup will change their whole meaning and create a brand new dish on the whim. Sprinkling in freshly cut parsley, cilantro or chives will aide us if we desire more variety on the long run.

The soup can be swapped for grilled, steamed or raw vegetables if desired.

Beetroot is easy to prepare by cooking then rubbing off its skin and it last in the fridge without canning for a week, but its easier to buy. Cucumber can be also pickled, eaten raw, canned or made into cucumber salad.

Green leafy vegetables are welcome addition to any of the meals but oily dressings are not so much.


Fresh pasta recipe - SunCakeMom

Fresh pasta or Egg noodles are a bit of a hassle but it tastes so much better than shop made ones. It can be made in a batch then dried out for later use during the week. We can of course use regular shop bought pasta too. Try to buy pasta that was made with eggs as it has higher protein content than just regular durum wheat pasta.


The meal plan contains no added sugar partly because it’s just extra calorie but it can also trigger binge eating.


  • Pork or chicken can be substituted with each other or other meat products.
  • Vegetable soup can be of any soup made with a variety of vegetables and stock. It can be substituted with roasted vegetables.
  • Add more vegetables for volume as desired.
  • Calculate nutritional values for the ingredients used.

5’4″ -147lbs / 164cm – 54kg
43g protein intake (0.8g/kg)
3 meals

A medium active woman 164 cm tall and 54 kg of body mass requires about 2,140 calories a day.

5’8″ -170lbs / 176cm – 62kg
50g protein intake (0.8g/kg)
3 meals

A medium active men 176 cm tall and 62 kg of body mass requires about 2,450 calories a day.

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