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Pokemon Go coconut balls

Pokemon Go coconut balls are delicious and fun treat for the family with or without kids. Excellent choice for any kids party.

Pokemon Go coconut balls Suncakemom

Pokemon Go coconut balls would be an absolute party hit for a summer party. If you are a mum or you’re surrounded by kids in one way or another, I’m sure you met this Pokemon craziness recently. Hunting for balls wherever you go, passing the same place over and over again until you get what you wanted. Sounds familiar? Fellow mums, I’m in the club too. 😂

Being a teacher and a mum I couldn’t avoid these little creatures. So with a why not, I opened the cupboard and looked what I’ve got. I didn’t really want to complicate the recipe so if you decide to surprise the kids you might not even have to pop in the shop to buy the ingredients. I didn’t.

I checked the fridge and the cupboards. I found biscuits, coconut, butter and condensed milk (homemade). I had food colouring (red) and decorating pens (white and black). I also had an idea in my head. This is what I have come up with.

Simple and delicious. Feel free to double or triple the amount according to how many balls you’d like to make. With this amount you can make more or less ten Pokemon Go coconut balls (depends on the size) but I guess if you plan to host a party you would need more.

Ingredients (to make 10 Pokemon balls):

100 grams shredded coconut

100 millilitres condensed milk

50 grams butter

100 grams Digestive biscuits

50 grams shredded coconut (shared out into two bowls)

Red food colouring

Food decorating pens (black and white) for eyes

How to make Pokemon Go coconut balls:

  1. Break biscuits and place them in a medium size mixing bowl.

  2. Pour shredded coconut into the bowl and mix.

  1. Put sliced butter and pour condensed milk into the bowl too. (I usually have homemade sugarfree condensed milk in the fridge that I prefer using but of course you can use any shop bought, trusted condensed milk of your choice.)

  1. Before you put your finger into the bowl, prepare shredded coconut for decoration. Divide coconut in two plates or bowls.

  2. Put some drops of red food colouring into one of the bowls of shredded coconuts. Mix until all goes red.

  3. Keep both bowls by your side where you can reach them easily.

  4. Place an empty plate on the side too. You’ll put balls in them after rolling them into the coconut shred.

  5. Now you’re ready to put your fingers into the biscuit mixture. Use your fingers and dough ingredients together until they completely incorporated. (You can ask for some help from the kids. They will love it.)

  1. Pinch some bit out of the dough and form walnut size (maybe a slightly bigger) balls using your palms.

  1. When it’s round, roll one half of it into the red and the other half into the plain white shredded coconut.

  1. Place them on the plate.

  1. Decorate Pokemon Go coconut balls with black and white decorating pencils by drawing their eyes.

  1. Put them in the fridge for half an hour then serve and make kids happy.

Watch video about it on YouTube SunCakeMom channel.

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