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No-bake chocolate dessert AKA Domino

No-bake chocolate dessert
No-bake chocolate dessert

No-bake chocolate dessert recipe to make without turning the oven on. Prepared in 15 minutes.

No-bake chocolate dessert AKA Domino is an excellent choice to make in summer when you don’t want to turn the oven on at all. On top of that it’s sugar free and you only have to spend about 15 minutes in the kitchen to prepare it.


300 grams biscuit

150 grams butter

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon apricot jam (I use my homemade apricot jam as it’s absolutely sugarfree.)

0.1 litres orange juice

A handful of raisins


100 grams dark chocolate (we prefer Valor dark chocolate with Stevia)

Some white chocolate (for the domino dots.)

How to make no-bake chocolate dessert (Dominoes):

1. Measure and crush biscuits in a medium size bowl.

2. Dice up and soften butter if necessary. I took butter out of the fridge half an hour before I wanted to use it. So it was soft enough to work with. If you are in a rush you can shorten this time by popping butter in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.

3. Put unsweetened cocoa powder and apricot jam in the bowl too. Mix it well.

4. Put raisins, orange juice and the butter into the mixture.

5. Before you put your hands into the bowl to mix ingredients properly, make sure you have a tray next to you where you are going to put the ready mixture.

6. Work with your fingers until you get a smooth, even mixture. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of this step as my hands were covered in the chocolatey dollop.

7. Scrape chocolatey mixture out of the bowl onto the tray. Spread it out evenly.

8. Melt chocolate for icing. It might sound tricky first but don’t worry it’s easier to do than to explain. First put some water into a medium size saucepan to heat. Bring it to boil. Put a slightly smaller saucepan on  the boiling water. Break chocolate into little pieces and place it into the small saucepan to melt. Stir occasionally until chocolate gets melted and runny.

9. Pour melted chocolate on top of the dollop.

10. Spread it evenly.

11. Put tray in the fridge for half an hour. Let the chocolate settle then cut 2×4 rectangles. These are going to be the bases of the dominoes.

12. Draw domino dots and lines.

13. Cut out dominoes and serve them.

A friendly advice at the end. I know it might be difficult to keep as it’s a delicious treat but try not to eat more than one at a time. Save some for the other days. I keep my ones in a box in the fridge and serve some with the afternoon coffee or tea.

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2 thoughts on “No-bake chocolate dessert AKA Domino”

  • Dear Edi!
    Thank you for this great and easy recipe! I have to tell you that I’ve already made it twice and my family loves it. For us, to make it even simpler to eat I’ve just downsized them a bit. Bite-sized Domino. 🙂

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