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Workout Program – 7 Days Tone Challenge

Slacked through the months and need to get into shape fast? Check out these workouts that’ll get the body up to speed in a dash!

  1. Consistency
    Stick to the workout schedule and make exercise a part of the daily routine.
  2. Nutrition
    Eat a balanced diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Stay hydrated.
  3. Rest and Recovery
    Ensure to get enough sleep and allow the muscles to recover between workouts.
  4. Progressive Overload
    Gradually increase the intensity or volume of the workouts to keep challenging to the body.
  5. Stay Motivated
    Set realistic goals, track progress, and allow rewards for milestones achieved.


DAY 1Full body Cardio WorkoutFull body Cardio Workout
DAY 2Lower Body WorkoutLower Body Workout
DAY 3Abs & Cardio HIIT WorkoutAbs & Cardio HIIT Workout
DAY 4Full Body WorkoutFull Body Workout
DAY 5Lower Body HIIT Workout Lower Body HIIT Workout 
DAY 6Abs HIIT Workout Abs HIIT Workout 
DAY 7Full Body HIIT WorkoutFull Body HIIT Workout

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