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Flexibility Workout – Beginner 7 Day Yoga

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these yoga workouts now and start stretching muscles right off the bat!

FREE 7-day yoga for beginners program that will introduce people to the world of Breathe and Flow yoga. Many beginner yoga classes only teach a few poses and not much more than that.

The yoga system has a lot more to offer than poses, which is why we integrate poses, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy on mindfulness in every single one of the classes in this program. We brainstormed ways that we could create an easier entry point for beginners besides sending our sporadic beginner classes to folks that reach out and ask, and that’s how this program was born.

This program was designed to introduce people to the world of yoga, particularly folks that are brand new to body movement and yoga, so they can feel better in their bodies and have more peace in their minds no matter what their physical level is. In addition to a vinyasa flow practice (yoga poses connecting breath with movement), the creatively-sequenced classes will also incorporate pranayama (breathing), and meditation. Even though all the videos are online, we will experience a safe and nurturing space, leaving us feeling relaxed yet energized. No props required but recommended are a yoga mat (carpet is also okay) and a yoga strap (belt or power cord is also okay).


DAY 1Upper BodyYoga for Beginners: Upper Body Strength 
DAY 2Upper BodyYoga for Beginners: Side Body & Shoulder Mobility 
DAY 3CoreYoga for Beginners: Core Stability & Strength 
DAY 4BackYoga for Beginners: Healthy Spine 
DAY 5Full BodyYoga for Beginners: Twists & Breathing Exercises 
DAY 6Lower BodyYoga for Beginners: Standing Balance 
DAY 7Lower BodyYoga for Beginners: Lower Body Flexibility 

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