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Flexibility Workout – 28 Day Yoga Program

Let’s forget the slack and go for the best! Check out these yoga workouts to reach further and build bigger then the rest!

FREE 28-day yoga program that will continue to introduce people to the world of Breathe and Flow yoga.

The yoga system has a lot more to offer than poses, which is why we integrate poses, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy on mindfulness in every single one of the classes in this program. We brainstormed ways that we could create an easier entry point for beginners besides sending our sporadic beginner classes to folks that reach out and ask, and that’s how this program was born.

This program was designed to the next phase of the beginner yoga program. In addition to a vinyasa flow practice (yoga poses connecting breath with movement), the creatively-sequenced classes will also incorporate pranayama (breathing), and meditation. Even though all the videos are online, we will experience a safe and nurturing space, leaving us feeling relaxed yet energized. Some props will be helpful such as yoga mat (carpet is also okay) and a yoga strap (belt or power cord is also okay) or yoga blocks but books would also do.


DAY 1Well Rounded 45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga 
DAY 2Full Body Vinyasa Flow 
DAY 350 Minute Full Body Yin Yoga 
DAY 4Creative 50 Minute Vinyasa Flow 
DAY 5Energizing Vinyasa Flow 
DAY 650 Minute Restorative Yin Yoga 
DAY 725 Minute Guided Meditation 


DAY 8Day 8 Monday Practice 
DAY 9Day 9 Tuesday Practice 
DAY 10Day 10 Wednesday Practice 
DAY 11Day 11 Thursday Practice 
DAY 12Day 12 Friday Practice 
DAY 13Day 13 Saturday Practice 
DAY 14Day 14 Sunday Practice 


DAY 15Day 15 Monday Practice 
DAY 16Day 16 Tuesday Practice 
DAY 17Day 17 Wednesday Practice 
DAY 18Day 18 Thursday Practice 
DAY 19Day 19 Friday Practice 
DAY 20Day 20 Saturday Practice 
DAY 21Day 21 Sunday Practice 


DAY 22Day 22 Monday Practice 
DAY 23Day 23 Tuesday Practice 
DAY 24Day 24 Wednesday Practice 
DAY 25Day 25 Thursday Practice 
DAY 26Day 26 Friday Practice 
DAY 27Day 27 Saturday Practice 
DAY 28Day 28 Sunday Practice 

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