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Piping Bags and Tips Set

Bored of plain cakes or just need the extra oomph for the frosting? Check out this piping bag set that will make any creation look fantastic!

Riccle emerged from the collective love for baking, symbolizing hope, admiration, and joy. Beyond a 6-letter word, Riccle signifies the commitment to inspiring bakers worldwide. The logo, a smile, encapsulates the mission to spread happiness through the art of baking. Join the community, where aprons become passports to baking adventures. Riccle is not just a brand; it’s an emotion, a journey, a celebration.

What to watch out for when shopping for piping bag.

  • Material
    Piping bags come in two main types of material: disposable and reusable.
  • Disposable piping bags
    These are typically made of plastic and are inexpensive and convenient. However, they can tear easily, especially when working with stiff frosting or heavy batters.
  • Reusable piping bags
    These are made of cotton or nylon and are more durable than disposable bags. They can be washed and reused multiple times, which is more economical in the long run. However, they can be more difficult to clean, especially if we’re working with colored icing.
  • Seams
    Make sure the seams of the piping bag are well-sealed to prevent leaks. This is especially important if we’ll be using the bag with runny fillings.
  • Size
    Piping bags come in a variety of sizes. A larger bag will hold more frosting, but it can also be more difficult to control. A smaller bag is easier to handle, but we’ll need to refill it more often. Choose the size that’s right for our needs.
  • Couplers
    If we plan on using a variety of piping tips, we’ll need a piping bag that has a coupler. A coupler is a small device that allows us to attach piping tips to the bag. Make sure the coupler is compatible with the piping tips we have or plan to purchase.
  • Tips
    Piping tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one creates a different decorative effect. Consider the types of decorations we want to create when choosing piping tips.

Disadvantages Piping Bags


  • Cleaning Difficulty
    Reusable bags can be trickier to clean, especially if we’re working with stiff frosting or colored icing.
  • Drying Time
    Reusable bags require thorough drying to prevent mold growth. Bags are thick or made of a material that retains moisture, drying time could be extended.
  • Durability
    While generally sturdier than disposable options, reusable bags can wear out over time, especially at the seams.
  • Storage
    Reusable bags take up more storage space than disposable ones.


  • Strength
    Some disposable piping bags, especially those made of flimsy plastic, can be prone to tearing, particularly when working with stiff fillings or thick frostings. This can lead to messy spills and frustration.
  • Limited Reuse
    Disposable bags are designed for single use and contribute to waste.
  • Less Control
    Thinner, disposable bags might offer less control when piping compared to thicker, reusable options. This can make it more difficult to achieve precise decorations.

Benefits of Riccle Piping Bags

  • Variety
    The set offers a large variety of disposable piping bags (100) alongside a reusable silicone pastry bag. This caters to both preferences for convenience (disposable) and long-term use (reusable).
  • Comprehensiveness
    The kit includes 16 different piping tips, allowing we to create a variety of decorative effects on our cakes and cupcakes.
  • It also comes with additional tools like couplers, cake scrapers, and decorating bag ties, potentially eliminating the need to purchase these separately.
  • Convenience
    Disposable bags offer easy cleanup – we simply throw them away after use. This can be a major advantage for occasional bakers who don’t want to deal with washing reusable bags.
  • Value
    Tthe kit includes a good amount of supplies for its price, potentially making it a cost-effective option for getting started with cake decorating.
  • Appeal to Different Skill Levels
    It is suitable for both beginners (“novice”) and experienced bakers (“pro”).

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Why buy Riccle Piping Bags

  • Variety
    The 124-piece kit offers a wide range of tools for various decorating techniques. This allows us to experiment and create different effects on our cakes and pastries.
  • Convenience
    It provides both disposable and reusable bags. Disposable bags are perfect for quick projects and minimal cleanup, while the reusable silicone bag offers a more eco-friendly option for frequent use.
  • Value
    The seemingly large quantity of tools for the price could be attractive, especially for beginners who want to explore cake decorating without a big initial investment.
  • Beginner-Friendly
    The kit is suitable for both novice and experienced bakers.

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