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Paper Towel Holder

Fed up with wobbly holders or just want a holder for life? Check out this stainless steel paper towel holder that will serve and survive!

OXO began in 1990, founded by Sam Farber and his son John. The inspiration for the company came from a very personal experience. While cooking with his wife Betsey, Sam noticed she struggled to grip a traditional peeler due to arthritis. This sparked an idea: create kitchen tools that were comfortable and easy to use for everyone.

Sam designed the first OXO peeler with an emphasis on user-friendliness. The result was the now-iconic OXO handle, featuring a distinctive ergonomic form and non-slip grip. This innovative design, paired with a sharp blade, revolutionized the way people approached food prep.

The OXO story highlights the power of good design. By focusing on usability and addressing a common pain point, OXO not only created a better peeler but set the standard for a new generation of kitchenware. Their focus on universal design principles ensures their products are functional and comfortable for cooks of all abilities.

Today, OXO offers a wide range of kitchen tools beyond peelers, all embodying their commitment to thoughtful design and user experience.

What to Watch Out for When Shopping Paper Towel Holder


  • Stability
    A good holder shouldn’t topple over easily when we pull a sheet. Look for a weighted base or sturdy design.
  • Ease of Use
    One-handed operation is ideal, especially in a kitchen where we might have messy hands. Make sure the roll loads and dispenses smoothly.
  • Paper Towel Size
    Consider the size of paper towels we typically buy. Will the holder accommodate jumbo sized rolls?
  • Tear Mechanism
    Does the holder have a built-in tear bar or some way to easily snag a sheet?

Installation and Placement

  • Mounting Type
    Freestanding, under-cabinet mounted, in-cabinet mounted, or wall-mounted all have pros and cons. Consider the available space and desired look.
  • Clearance
    If mounting under a cabinet, ensure there’s enough height for the roll to spin freely.
  • Durability
    Look for a material that’s strong and easy to clean, like stainless steel.


  • Style
    Paper towel holders come in a variety of styles, from modern and sleek to rustic and decorative. Choose one that complements the kitchen’s overall design.
  • Material
    Stainless steel is popular for its clean look and durability, but there are also options in wood, plastic, and wrought iron. Consider how the material will fit with the kitchen décor.

Disadvantages OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

  • Price
    Compared to some basic paper towel holders, the OXO can be more expensive.
  • Size
    The holder itself might have a larger footprint than some users prefer. It may not be ideal for countertops with limited space.
  • Aesthetics
    The modern, stainless steel design might not suit every kitchen style. If our kitchen leans more rustic or traditional, we might find another holder more visually appealing.
  • Paper Towel Quality
    The holder’s tension mechanism might be more suited for thicker paper towels. Thinner brands might snag or tear unevenly.

Advantages of OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

  • One-Handed Tearing
    A key feature, especially when our hands are messy in the kitchen. The design allows us to grab and tear a sheet with just one hand, saving time and frustration.
  • Smooth Rotation
    The holder offers effortless tearing as the paper towel roll spins freely for easy access from any angle. No more wrestling with a stuck roll!
  • Weighted Base and Non-Slip Grip
    The weighted base and non-slip features ensure the holder stays firmly in place, preventing unwanted tipping or sliding when we pull a sheet. This is especially helpful during those moments when we need a paper towel quickly to clean up a spill.

Functionality and Design

  • Accommodates Jumbo Rolls
    No need to worry about constantly refilling. The holder is designed to fit even large, jumbo-sized paper towel rolls, reducing the frequency of changing them.
  • Durable Construction
    The stainless steel build is known for its strength and resistance to rust, making it a long-lasting addition to our kitchen.

Aesthetics and Style

  • Modern and Sleek Design
    The OXO holder offers a clean and polished look that complements many kitchen styles, from modern to contemporary.
  • Versatile Placement
    Available in both countertop and wall-mounted options, we can choose the configuration that best suits our space and organizational needs.

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Why Buy OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

The humble paper towel holder, often relegated to an afterthought in kitchen design, can become a source of frustration when it fails to function smoothly. Torn paper towels, a constantly tipping base, and the struggle with one-handed operation can all disrupt the flow of a busy kitchen. The OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder, however, aims to revolutionize this everyday item, transforming it into a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing addition to our cooking space.

One of the holder’s key strengths lies in its focus on convenience and efficiency. The smooth rotation allows for effortless paper towel access from any angle, eliminating the annoyance of a stuck roll. The one-handed tearing design is a game-changer, particularly when navigating messy kitchen tasks. No longer will we need to fumble with the holder or free up a hand we desperately need for something else.

Stability is another hallmark of the OXO holder. The weighted, non-slip base keeps the holder firmly in place, even during vigorous one-handed pulls. This is a welcome feature compared to lighter holders that might topple over at the slightest tug, potentially causing spills and messes.

The OXO holder doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or functionality. The sleek stainless steel construction offers a modern look that complements a variety of kitchen styles. This durable material is also built to last, resisting rust and wear and tear. The raised lip keeps even jumbo-sized paper towel rolls securely contained, preventing them from falling off or unwinding. Finally, the option for countertop or wall mounting provides the flexibility to optimize the holder’s placement within our kitchen layout.

The OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder offers a compelling case for those seeking to elevate their kitchen experience. By prioritizing convenience, stability, and a stylish design, this holder eliminates the frustrations often associated with a traditional paper towel holder. While the price tag might be slightly higher than some basic models, the improved functionality and user-friendly features can make a significant difference in the daily workflow of our kitchen. Ultimately, the decision rests on our individual needs and priorities. But for those who value a smooth and efficient kitchen experience, the OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder presents itself as a worthwhile investment.

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 OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

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 OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder
 OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder
 OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

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