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Kitchen Bazaar

Here are the best of the cheapest straight from China. It takes some time to receive them but who cares when it’s so cheap it’s almost free.

Kitchen-bazaar-SunCakeMomSure enough these items are not made of top quality forged steel or organic bambu but work none the less.

These are the right tools for the right job without breaking the bank.

Cookie cutter

Christmas – Gingerbread cookie cutters Product – 3/4/5pcs Christmas Cookie Cutter Tools Stainless Steel Gingerbread Men Shaped Holiday Biscuit Mold Kitchen Cake Decorating Tool

Easter 3D cookie cutters Product – 1Set Easter Food Grade Plastic Cookie Mold Animal Biscuit Cutter 3D Cartoon Rabbit Molds Baking Tools Party Cupcake DIY Supplies

Layer Cake Cutters


Adjustable 6″-8″ / 15-20cm size Product – 15-20cm Adjustable Cake Slicer Mold Cutter Cake Ring Tools Cake Cutter Round Shape Bread Cake slicer Adjustable Layered

The same layer cake cutter with a bigger size (9″-12″ / 24-30cm) option to choose from Product – Stainless Steel Adjustable Layer Cake Slicer Kit Mousse Mould Slicing Setting Ring DIY Bakeware Tools cake tools

Wire layer cake cutter

A super cheap layer cake cutter that does the job as well. It may need a bit of help of a knife when cutting through the harder outer layer at the start but after that it does it’s job. I works the same way as yarns were used to cut the cakes some time ago when China didn’t provide us the way to buy something for every little task we could think of. Product – Hot Adjustable Stainless Wire Cake Slicer Leveler Pizza Dough Cutter Trimmer Ktchen Accessories

Aluminium Cake Decorative Turntable Set + Stainless Steel Decorating Nozzle Set Product – Aluminium Alloy Cake Decorative Turntable Set 304 Stainless Steel Decorating Nozzle Set Rotating Cake Turntable Decorating Turnt


Mini dumpling maker Product – Pasta Machine Manual Noodle Spaetzle Maker Stainless Steel Blades Dumpling Maker Pasta Cooking Tools Kitchen Accessories

Silicone spatula set Product – 6 Piece Set Baking Silicone Kitchenware Tools Silicone Scraper Wipe Brush Size Scraper Red Black