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Bamix – The Handblender of a Lifetime

Brilliantly Simple. Simply Brilliant. For more then 60 years Bamix has been conquering kitchens all over the world.

Conceived by Swiss inventor Roger Perrinjaquet, the first Bamix was sold in 1954 and the appliance has since become the trusted companion for food lovers around the globe.

Bamix m150 - Original hand mixer - 6

Since 1954, bamix® has been producing the world’s best and smallest food processor in Switzerland. bamix® is the inventor of the hand blender and proud themselves to accompany their customers in the kitchen for a lifetime. No similar product manages to combine so many applications in a single, space-saving, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean kitchen appliance.

Power, precision and performance

The heart of every bamix® is the AC motor. It is highly efficient, unique and remarkably powerful. That explains why bamix® is the preferred food processor for professionals and chefs. bamix® offers a lifelong guarantee on the AC motor they have developed and produced.

Versatility in its application

bamix® is not just a hand blender, but rather the world’s smallest food processor. The various attachments and tools enable its use for nearly every culinary purpose. With a wide diversity of recipes and applications from all over the world.

Handbuilt in Switzerland to last

For over 60 years, BAMIX has perfected the first hand-held food processor. In combination with open and honest communication, we pride ourselves on producing durable, powerful, and efficient products that will last a lifetime.

From the original ideas of inventor Roger Perrinjaquet, to our modernized casing and additional tools, our goal is to supply customers with a multifunctional, swiss-made kitchen machine.

The complete kitchen robot

Bamix® is a versatile hand-held food processor that can do much more than a blender. The bamix® is the perfect appliance for a huge range of different tasks. It can be safely used in small containers and fragile glassware as well as in hot saucepans on the hob. The bamix® comes with a double insulated and fully sealed housing for deep immersion into hot and cold liquids.

Powerful and precise

The BAMIX M150 SwissLine Immersion Hand Blender provides powerful, versatile, and efficient mixing with 3 stainless steel, interchangeable blades. The 13.6-inch blender is long enough and has plenty torque to get precise mixing under heavy loads – 150W, 120V, 60Hz. Made from heat resistant nylon and chromated brass, it can be submerged into a variety of foods and liquids. Use several times a day or even all day long just by cleaning with running water in between use. This A/C-powered, open head immersion blender makes perfectly mixed ingredients with a push of a button.


  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade and Chopping blade to handle every kitchen project. Includes food processor, 1000 ml jug, table stand and 5-year warranty.
  • Powerful 150 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 9,000 RPM and High – 12,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle.
  • The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed so blender can be submerged to seam below speed controls. Stick is chromated brass. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

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