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Immersion Blender Review – Braun Multiquick Review

The Braun Multiquick is going to be the last hand blender ever bought for our kitchen. It’s fast it’s pretty and it does everything we need.

Braun established in 1921 as radio maker company came a long way to build kitchen appliances. Nowadays the brand is mainly known by its electric shaving products but those who once bought a Braun kitchen appliance tell tales using them for 15+ years. It’s not a surprise given that Braun products aren’t in the lower price category at all but good to know we get quality for the price we pay.
Unsurprisingly Braun customer service representative is all over Amazon promptly responding any negative sounding review offering some kind of solution. It’s a really nice touch caring about their customers where their costumers actually are.

To know more about Braun’s history check out its Wikipedia’s Braun page.


Braun-immersion-blender-6At first sight the Braun Multiquick looks like every other immersion blender in the market. It’s not because Braun’s design being imitated like it was a widespread problem in the 90’ but because a stick blender can’t be much different than it is. Except probably Breville hand blender which looks exceptionally nice given that it’s an electric motor on a stick.

The main noticeable difference between all the hand blenders around is that the Braun Multiquick has a throttle to set the speed of the blades anytime we wish for. You don’t have to stop to change the speed anymore. It can be controlled directly anytime one handedly only with our finger. We press it harder we get more power. It’s simple as that.



ACTIVE Blade technology

It’s worth to mention that it only produces 400 watts power in the US standard sockets. We need to move to Europe with our blender and plug it into a 220V socket to get a crazy 750watts which is rather unreasonable amount of power to have for an immersion blender.

As it is with most above average brands it has some non-slip rubber around its body. It may not seem that important but it saves life and dinners not to slip into the soup out of a wet hand. Which happens way too often in the kitchen causing all sort of troubles. Here we won’t have any such problems. The soft rubber makes the handling very smooth and secure.

Another sweet spot of the Braun Multiquick if we hate cleaning pieces of food all over the kitchen, is the anti-splash technology. It’s nothing really too fancy only they figured out a design that won’t let the food splashing around the kitchen while pulling and pushing the mixer’s head into the food.

We had some doubt about this but it works surprisingly well. If we are one of those who hates hunting for pieces of mayo all over the kitchen we are definitely going to appreciate this feature.

An interesting feature of the Braun Multiquick 9 series is the active moving blade that can reach almost to the bottom of every pitch or jar and solve those annoying half pureed bites so many of us hates.


  • Beaker

600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements.

  • Stainless steel whisk

Whips, beats and stirs easily eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.

  • Purée accessory

Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result.

  • Food processor – Chopping tool

Fruit and vegetables are cut into French fry shapes thanks to disc included with food processor accessory.

  • Food Processor – Kneading hook (Not available in US )
  • Food Processor – Shredding insert, fine, extra coarse
  • Food Processor – Slicing insert



The beaker, the stainless steel whisk and the chopping tool are all standard accessories of modern hand blander given that it comes in a bundle. But the rest of the tools worth a couple of more words to spare.


To be honest if we only cook for our family, we don’t even bother setting up a machine but we get it done with a simple fork. However, this attachment -as it’s much more accessible than a clunky stand mixer- makes it a breeze.

The kneading hook is something, we thought, we would never use on a handheld machine as making dough is a generally long process. This job is much more suitable for stand mixers which free up time for other tasks while working on the dough. However, Braun has just found a great solution that even could satisfy some weekend bakers who are happy with the 6 cup / 1500 ml food processor attachment volume.  That’s easily enough for a pizza for sure. The really bad news is that the kneading attachment is not available for the US.

Also with lots of attachments comes the problem of shrinking kitchen real estate. If we can’t keep it on the kitchen counter or in an easy accessible place then it may not be that useful as it could be. It’s a really handy tool so it needs to be within reach at any time. Otherwise, it just makes life more difficult than it should be with all the cables and such.

Shredding could be a nightmare for some. But fear not anymore of the sharp edges of the manual shredder. Braun ships awesome blades for its food processor unit that makes chopping a dream. Given that our dream is French fries cut potatoes and sliced cucumbers. Surely, it can cope just fine with cutting carrots, too. There isn’t much room for setting the thickness of the slices but there is a possibility to choose between coarse or fine cutting blades.

Personally, we would swore on a sharp knife and the rolling technique but not everyone has learned to have such a skill. So for those who feel a sharp kitchen knife a curse these food processor attachment will be a true blessing.


The best thing is that the attachments are dishwasher safe as it should be with any kitchen tool. Mind not to throw the main unit there, too. That would probably suffer quite a lot there, though.

  • The world’s first ACTIVE Blade technology incorporates a flexible shaft that moves the blade up and down. This motion gives you flavorful, smooth results with no unwanted pieces
  • Advanced SPLASH control technology prevents splashing and delivers the best blending results to keep you and your kitchen clean
  • The Power Bell plus features an Extra milling blade to provide more slices per Rotation, blending large pieces and hard ingredients more easily
  • With the Easy click plus system, you can quickly change attachments as you prep. It gives you the versatility to blend, chop, whisk, mash, and puree ingredients effortlessly
  • Adjust blending power without stopping with the squeeze of a button. Push gently for coarse results and add more pressure for finer results. The Smooth Start feature prevents jolting on startup

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Braun Multiquick 9 with Active Blade


Go Old School with the Braun Multiquick 7

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  1. Can the US version of the food processor be used to knead dough? Does it come with a separate kneading hook for that or the regular blade is sufficient to knead?
    I see that the versions sold in Europe/Australia come with a kneading hook but I am unsure about the model sold in the USA.

  2. Thomas Brown

    Hi, None of them come with a kneading hook in a traditional sense. The food processor has a special white plastic blade that you can use to knead dough. You can check this out on the second video above at 2.52 Or here is another version of the blender that may explains it better:

  3. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it seems the model sold in the US doesn’t come with the white plastic blade used to knead dough 🙁
    [Atleast that’s what the description says on the Braun website and also other sellers selling it)

  4. Edi Baker - SunCakeMom

    I’ve just finished talking to Braun about it and unfortunately you are right. The US models don’t come with the kneading attachment. It’s only distributed with some international models.

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