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Food Kitchen Scale

Keen to create delicious meals over and over again? Check out this food scale that will track every bit of flavor to the end!

Benefits of food scales

  1. Portion Control
    Helps in accurately measuring serving sizes, assisting individuals in managing portion control, and maintaining a balanced diet.
  2. Precision in Cooking
    Enables precise measurement of ingredients, leading to more consistent and accurate cooking or baking results.
  3. Calorie Counting
    Assists in tracking calorie intake by accurately measuring food portions, supporting weight management and dietary goals.
  4. Nutritional Awareness
    Facilitates awareness of nutritional values by providing accurate measurements of macronutrients and micronutrients in foods.
  5. Recipe Consistency
    Ensures consistency in recipes, especially in baking, where precise measurements are crucial for the final outcome.
  6. Weight-Based Cooking Techniques
    Supports various cooking techniques that rely on weight measurements, such as sous-vide cooking or precision cooking.
  7. Efficiency
    Saves time by reducing the need for multiple measuring tools and simplifying the cooking process.
  8. Reduced Food Waste
    Helps prevent over-purchasing and minimizes food waste by accurately measuring the required amounts for recipes.
  9. Versatility
    Many food scales offer multiple units of measurement, catering to diverse culinary needs and preferences.
  10. Compact and Convenient
    Compact designs make food scales easy to store and convenient to use in various kitchen settings.

Disadvantages of food scale

  1. Cost
    Quality food scales can be relatively expensive, especially those with advanced features or high precision.
  2. Dependency
    Some users might become overly reliant on a food scale, potentially leading to difficulties estimating portions without it.
  3. Maintenance
    Food scales require occasional calibration and proper care to maintain accuracy, which may be seen as an inconvenience by some users.
  4. Learning Curve
    Using a food scale effectively might have a slight learning curve for individuals unfamiliar with precise measurements or different units of measurement.
  5. Battery Dependency
    Battery-powered scales require regular battery changes, and a lack of batteries could hinder their use. Choose scales with built in rechargeable batteries or the ones that allow the use of rechargeable batteries such as Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale.
  6. Potential Obsessive Behavior
    Constantly measuring and weighing food portions could potentially lead to obsessive behavior or an unhealthy relationship with food for some individuals.
  7. Not Always Necessary
    For casual cooking or those who prefer estimating quantities by eye, a food scale might seem unnecessary or cumbersome.

How to use a food scale

  1. Calibrate the Scale (if needed)
    Some scales require calibration before use. Etekcity EK6015 works out of the box.
  2. Place the Scale on a Flat Surface
    Ensure the scale sits on a stable and level surface, avoiding any tilting or movement during measurement.
  3. Turn On the Scale
    Power up the scale.
  4. Select the Measurement Unit
    Choose the appropriate unit of measurement (ounces, grams, pounds, etc.) using the scale’s settings.
  5. Place the Container or Food Item on the Scale
    If using a container, place it on the scale first and then press the “Tare” or “Zero” button to reset the scale to zero. This accounts for the weight of the container, so only the food’s weight is measured.
  6. Add or Weigh the Food
    Carefully add the food item to the container on the scale, ensuring it stays within the scale’s capacity. The weight of the food will display on the scale.
  7. Read and Record the Measurement
    Once the food is stable on the scale, note or record the displayed weight if needed for recipes or dietary purposes.

Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale

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Measure food, small items, and liquids, designed to simplify and enhance your kitchen routine.
Etekcity food scale can measure up to 11 pounds accurately.

Accurate with Precision

Measuring in increments as small as 1g, the scale provides reliable and ultra-precise measurements.

You can change units and tare the container weight easily via simple clicks.


Easily tare the weight of containers with the “Click” of a physical button to conveniently combine ingredients in one bowl.

Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion

Choose from various unit options to weigh solids and liquids with high accuracy.

tare function

Easy to clean

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Bright display with backlit Clear Backlit Screen Clearly read the results on the bright backlit LCD display.

A perfect size to put it on your counter top or drawer without taking too much space.

Baking & Cooking Baking & Cooking Weigh flour, spices, toppings, and more to create the culinary projects with precision.

Keep Goals

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  • Seamless weighing is supported by this scale, which accommodates 5 different units (oz/lb:oz/fl’oz/g/mL) and incorporates a tare function along with 2 AAA batteries, ensuring convenient operation.
  • Accurate results are achieved as it can precisely weigh up to 5 kg/11 lb with increments of 1 g.
  • This small, sleek scale effortlessly fits into most kitchens, taking up minimal space and easily fitting into cabinets for storage.
  • Maintaining cleanliness is hassle-free – simply wipe down the surfaces made of 304 food-grade stainless steel.
  • The backlit LCD screen with large fonts ensures effortless reading, enhancing the user experience.

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