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The Best Cast Iron Skillet – STUR Skillet Review

A cast iron skillet that looks nice and doesn’t brake the arms? Stur skillets are more than just a skillet, they are true companions!

What is a STUR skillet?

1. A Skillet for the Ages

Stur skillet review
STUR skillet characteristics

Amazingly durable: The STUR Skillet is produced in Germany from one piece of cast iron. Cast with the highest precision and machined on the bottom as well as the inside, its robust material resists heat deformation.

2. Non-Stick by Nature

Stur skillet review - Non stick
Raw STUR skillet directly after casting vs. after machining

The skillets come polished and “seasoned”. Computer-controlled machines smooth the cooking surface and then bake on layers of natural grape-seed oil.

The fine surface structure and oil layer (commonly referred to as “seasoning”) provide the skillets their non-stick quality, while avoiding the chemicals otherwise used to achieve this effect. The same seasoning also protects the STUR Skillet against rust.

3. The Perfect Tool to Achieve the Perfect Crust

Cast iron is known to store a lot of heat, thus making the cast-iron STUR Skillet the perfect cooking tool to give the food the desired amount of crust and browning.

4. The Right Weight


Thin skillets quickly deform when exposed to high temperatures and are no longer able to transfer heat evenly. STUR Skillet were made to reduce weight where possible, but to keep material where necessary.

5. An Ergonomic Handle

Different prototypes of the handle during the design process of the STUR skillet

Minimalistic and ‘grippable’ design for easy handling. The main handle is fitted with a hole for convenient hanging or storing when not in use, while the helper handle facilitates safe carrying–even with kitchen towels or gloves.

6. One for All Cooktops

Stur skillet review - All cooktops
Suitable for all cooktops

Be it gas, electric or induction, barbecue the STUR Skillet performs on all cooktops. Its thicker bottom allows for even heat distribution.

7. Not Just for Meat Lovers

Suited for more than just steaks and schnitzel, the STUR Skillet’s heat-storing capacity also opens up the possibility to crunchy vegetables and perfectly browned mushrooms.

Lighter skillets generally do not store enough energy, usually steaming vegetables more than they actually sear them.



How Stur skillet is different?
The STUR skillet vs. other skillets

How to get one?

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