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RAPICCA BBQ Gloves: High Heat Resistant, Slip-Free Grip, Waterproof & Easy to Clean!

Want to BBQ like a pro with hands of fire resistance and grip that won’t let go? Check out this Pit Glove for all the cooking tasks and more!


Why are BBQ gloves useful?

  1. Heat Resistance
    BBQ gloves are designed to withstand high temperatures, often up to 932℉ (500℃) or more. They protect your hands and arms from the intense heat of grills, smokers, and hot cooking surfaces, allowing you to handle hot items without getting burned.
  2. Enhanced Grip
    The textured palm design of BBQ gloves ensures a strong and secure grip on slippery and greasy food items. This prevents accidents and provides better control while flipping, turning, or moving food on the grill or smoker.
  3. Protection from Burns and Splatters
    When you’re grilling or cooking over an open flame, there’s always a risk of hot oil or grease splattering. BBQ gloves act as a barrier, shielding your skin from burns and ensuring a safer cooking experience.
  4. Versatility
    BBQ gloves are not just for barbecuing; they can be used for various tasks in the kitchen, such as handling hot pans, pots, and baking sheets from the oven, making them a versatile kitchen tool.
  5. Waterproof and Oil Resistant
    Many BBQ gloves are designed with waterproof and oil-resistant materials, making them easy to clean and preventing them from getting damaged by liquids or stains.
  6. Comfort
    The inner lining of BBQ gloves is often made of soft and comfortable materials like cotton, providing a pleasant fit and preventing your hands from feeling too hot or sweaty while cooking.
  7. Extra Protection
    The extended length of some BBQ gloves also offers forearm protection, ensuring that not just your hands but your arms are shielded from heat and potential hazards.

Overall, BBQ gloves are an essential accessory for anyone who loves grilling, smoking, or cooking over high heat, as they provide safety, convenience, and improved performance in the kitchen.


Let the heat be conquered and our barbecue masterpieces created with RAPICCA Griller Pit Gloves.

These gloves have been pro designed to protect us as we craft our next perfect meal on the barbecue smoker or grill. Made with food-grade neoprene rubber, they are water, fire, and stain-resistant. The textured palm ensures a great grip, even when dealing with greasy or wet items, while the double-layer soft cotton liner keeps our hands cool and comfortable, allowing us to maintain excellent dexterity.

Outperforming other grill and heat-resistant gloves available on the market, the 14-inch length sleeve ensures both our hands and arms stay protected while we work on our BBQ masterpieces or handle hot items on the smoker or grill. What truly sets these insulated gloves apart from others on the market are the textured palms, perfect for handling wet or greasy items directly on the smoker or grill. The neoprene rubber’s waterproof property makes cleaning extremely easy – just rinse and wash with a little soap in the sink, then hang them to dry.

Whether for us or the pit master in our life, RAPICCA Griller Pit Gloves offer professional-grade protection, enhancing our grilling experience to the fullest.

Key Features


rapicca grill gloves



Great Grip and Oil & Water resistant:

Made with Food-Grade neoprene rubber, they are water, fire & stain resistant,the Textured Palm perfect for handling Wet or Greasy Meat right in your grill or smoker!

Heat Resistant up to 932°F!

The Food Grade Neoprene Coating insulated rubber makes the gloves heat resistant up to 932°F! The double layer Kevlar Sweat Absorbed Cotton liner keep your hands cool and comfortable while your grilling or doing your commercial work in a full service restaurant kitchen!

14 In Length Sleeve:

The 14inch length sleeve protect your arm as well as your hands while pending your BBQ masterpiece or handing hot items on your smoker or grill.

Extremely Easy To Wash:

The flexible waterproof neoprene coating on this glove is resistant to heat, grease, oil, water and stains even chemical liquid, just wash the gloves with a little soap, and hang them to dry, no oil or stains left, pleasure to use!

RAPICCA bbq gloves


RAPICCA Fryer GLoves


Easy Handle Boiling Water or Steam:

As the neoprene rubber coating is waterproof, you could handle hot boiling water or steam easily, just put your hands in hot boiling water without feeling heat(please have a test in cold water in case of any defective gloves!)

Perfect accessory for BBQ or Grill Master!

Grilling with our gloves, you could move your BBQ masterpiece and handing hot greacy meats just with your own hands easily, Feel the meat and pull pork like the pros!

Oil & Heat Resistant up to 932°F!

The Neoprene Coating is Oil and heat resistant, make the gloves perfect for deep frying Turkey or Rotisserie.

Widely Commercial Use!

RAPICCA Commercial Grade heat resistant gloves is widely used by commecial users in full service restaurant kitchen!

rapicca bbq gloves

rapicca bbq gloves

rapicca bbq gloves

rapicca bbq gloves

Easy Handling Hot Cast Iron Skillet:

Since the neoprene coating is very heavy duty, you could handle hot cast iron skillet without burning your hands for 15 seconds( Warning: Pls Do Not hold very hot item for a long time)

Perfect Accessory for Grilling:

Grilling with our gloves, you could move your BBQ masterpiece and handing hot greacy meats just with your own hands easily, Feel the meat and pull pork like a Pro!

Perfect Accessory for Deep Frying Turkey:

Put on our gloves to prepare your turkey before deep frying, leave the disposable gloves away, protect environment and save your money as this is a reuse gloves, and they’re very easy to wash!

Cut Turkey or Pull Pork like a Pro!

Deep frying with our gloves, you could cut the turkey or masterpiece and handing hot greacy meats just with your own hands easily, Feel the meat and pull pork like the pros

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Product Highlights

  • Designed for pit masters, these gloves are made with Food-Grade neoprene rubber, offering water, fire, and stain resistance for superior durability.
    The insulated textured palm with a non-slip five-finger design allows you to handle wet or greasy meat effortlessly, making it easy to achieve that perfect pulled pork on your smoker or BBQ.
  • With a double layer soft cotton liner providing maximum comfort and excellent heat insulation, these gloves ensure your hands stay cool and comfortable while tending to your BBQ, smoker, or other household tasks. The food-grade neoprene coating adds flame resistance, offering protection around smokers, grill flames, and open fires, making them a valuable camping accessory.
  • Cleaning is a breeze as the flexible, waterproof neoprene coating resists heat, grease, oil, water, and even chemical liquids. A quick wash with a little soap and hanging them to dry leaves no oil or stains behind, providing a pleasurable user experience.
  • With their waterproof neoprene rubber coating, these gloves excel at handling boiling water and steam effortlessly, granting you the confidence to immerse your hands without feeling the heat (safety test in cold water advised for any defective gloves!). Additionally, the 14-inch sleeve offers extended arm protection while you create your BBQ masterpiece or handle hot items on the smoker or grill.
  • Versatility is key as these Pit gloves extend beyond BBQ use; they prove ideal for brewing beer, frying turkeys, dyeing yarn, and any activity where hand and forearm protection is essential.


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