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Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts

Need a kitchen tool to handle heat with ease? Check out these oven mitts, they’re a practical and easy treat!


This item is made from premium silicone and can withstand temperatures below 446℉, making it heat resistant and ideal for protecting our hands while handling hot pots, pans, dishes, casserole dishes, and more. It is a simple but essential item that we own.

The silicone mitts feature a cute mouth design with two small silicone cups hinged together. They are best used for holding a warm spoon to stir or for retrieving a warm dish from the microwave. With these silicone mitts, we can perform the task faster than ever before, eliminating the need for wearing big bulky oven mitts that take time to put on and take off.

The mitts are handy to use with their anti-skid strips that provide a stronger and more secure grip on hot pot lids, hot microwave dishes, and other hot surfaces. They can be used with either hand. When taking out extremely hot or cold items, it is recommended to use two silicone potholders on one hand.

Cleaning and storing these kitchen mittens is convenient. They can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher, ensuring no stains or fraying. They are superior to cotton mitts in this regard. Additionally, they have a hanging hole that allows us to conveniently hang these cute cooking mitts on a hook. We can choose our favorite color to match our kitchen and cookware.

These high-quality oven mitts are a kitchen necessity that helps us grip hot items safely in our kitchen or during outdoor barbecues. They can also be used as hot spoon holders without burning our hands or fingers. Furthermore, they are useful for holding kitchen utensils while stirring. By using these mitts, we can protect our hands from heat and improve our dexterity.

  • Heat Resistant
  • Mouth Design
  • Convenient to Clean
  • Easy to Store

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silicone oven mitts

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Flexible and Durable

Vaincre 4PCS silicone oven mitts are made from durable silicone material which can protect you from heat up to 446℉. These oven mitts are perfect for use with ovens, grills, stove tops and counters.

Hook Design

Both oven mitts are waterproof and easily washable in soap and water, also dishwasher safe. It designs with a small hole can be hanged conveniently on your over door handle or your kitchen with the built-in holes.

Mouth Design

Cute mouth design for use, it just enough to cover fingers for grabbing something hot. These silicone potholders are suitable for both left and right hand, you can slip on and off breezily. With these kitchen mittens you will get the job faster than ever before.

silicone pot holder

Highly recommend nest within each other for use for removing hot things from microwave or oven.

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