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Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

The Most Ecofriendly Glass Containers for Food Storage with Lids – Airtight, Glass Meal Prep Containers or Glass Food Container

  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZES – BOROSILICATE FOOD CONTAINERS, hand-selected by our family of NUTRITIONISTS, in the sizes your family needs most; 370 mL (1.5 cups), 640 mL (2.7 cups), 1040 mL (4.4 cups), and 1520mL (6.4 cups), with Ultra-Durable, gorgeous Bamboo Lids that DOUBLE as suave CUTTING BOARDS for those special family events.
  • THE HEALTHIEST & MOST EARTH FRIENDLY – ZERO PLASTIC: The best food storage containers for families who care about their bodies and the planet. Non-toxic, BPA-FREE, phthalate free and biodegradable glass storage food containers are meticulously inspected, then carefully placed in JUST ENOUGH STYROFOAM-FREE 100% RECYCLEABLE packaging to ensure they arrive safely on your doorstep.
  • SNUGGEST AIRTIGHT SEAL – “TIP TESTED” – MESSY FAMILY APPROVED: Fill, seal, tip upside down and jostle in the fridge without worry. Glass storage containers with silicone do more than help you SAVE MONEY by PRESERVING FRESH FOOD LONGER, FOOD SAFE, OCEAN SAFE, removable silicone seals work perfect for busy, happy families that have better things to do than clean up messes in the fridge.
  • ULTRA-CONVENIENT – HEAVY DUTY OVEN, MICROWAVE, FREEZER SAFE, BOROSILICATE glass storage containers retain their gorgeous look and durability in temperatures up to 520*F. Because they’re DISHWASHER SAFE, with a SPACE SAVING NESTING design, they’re guaranteed to quickly hold a place among your favorite kitchen supplies. (Like all bamboo lids these are gentle rinse, freezer safe only).

Thoughtfully Designed

GREENER CHEF Glass Food Storage Containers

GREENER CHEF Glass Food Storage Containers

GREENER CHEF Glass Food Storage Containers

Snug, Freshness Locking, Airtight Seal

While we don’t recommend you purposely tip it over, rest assured these containers silicone glass seals lock in freshness, to reduce food waste, then easily remove to pop into the dishwasher for a deeper clean.

Ideally Sized to Fit Your Families Needs


  • 1x – 370 mL (1.5 cups)
  • 1x – 640 mL (2.7 cups)
  • 1x – 1040 mL (4.4 cups)
  • 1x – 1520mL (6.4 cups)


Space Saving, Nested Design

Whether you have a tiny kitchen, a ton of littles, or just love owning every kitchen gadget, these elegant storage containers will tuck into your smaller spaces for clean, clutter free cupboards.

BPA Free



ZERO Plastic

Phthalate Free


Minimalist, Styrofoam free packaging

Food Grade Component