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Sugar dairy and gluten free muffin recipe with raspberry.

Sugar dairy and gluten free muffin recipe with raspberry - SunCakeMom

Super easy gluten free muffin recipe without sugar or dairy. Prepared in 10 minutes, ready in half an hour.

Whats the story of me coming up with a gluten free muffin recipe? Well, my sister-in-low were due to visit us recently. So I had some complications to solve… Yeah, if you don’t know me, you might be wondering whether I had any problem with family members. No, it’s not that. The thing is, I had to use my cooking and baking skills in a completely unknown territory. She has gluten allergy, she’s lactose intolerant and to to that she on sugar free diet. Complete sugar free!!! I mean we don’t use any refined sugar either but normally I make desserts sweeter with honey, banana or dried fruit.

Luckily we have quinoa seeds, buck wheat and oat bran at home.

We also use rice milk and coconut milk as an alternative of cow milk.

So I had some supply to choose from.

Here’s how I made it:


  • 2 fresh eggs (white and yolk separated)
  • 100 grams quinoa (grinded)
  • Vanilla extract
  • A teaspoon baking powder
  • 5 spoonfuls coconut milk
  • (Optionally 1-2 spoonfuls agave syrup or honey if you are only refined sugar free)
  • Handful of raspberries

Method of making delicious gluten free muffins with raspberries:

  1. Crack the eggs, separating whites from yolks.
  2. Measure quinoa seeds. Grind until you get flour like texture of it.
  3. Mix baking powder with quinoa flour.
  4. Put egg whites into a mixing bowl. Beat it until soft peaks form.
  5. Keep beating whilst you mix yolks (optionally agave syrup or honey) with the egg whites.
  6. Fold quinoa flour carefully in with the egg mixture alternating it with the coconut milk. Mix until it’s incorporated well.
  7. Pour mixture into muffin baking tray. I personally use silicone muffin baking cups to make life easier. So first I place cups into the tray then pour mixture into them.
  8. Throw raspberries on top of each muffins. More raspberries you use better it tastes. Raspberries give muffins a great taste and it’s nice decoration too.
  9.  Pop raspberry muffins in the pre-heated oven and bake for 20 minutes in 180 C degrees.
  10. Serve them for dessert or as a teatime snack.

Optionally you can have it with some ice cream as the rest of our family had it excluding my sister-in-low (still no added sugar and gluten free but not dairy free). I used a chocolate ice cream  that we all love. But certainly you could try any other ice cream of your choice.

Sugar dairy and gluten free muffin recipe with raspberry - SunCakeMom


Stock up your shelf before heating up the oven!


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