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Cinnamon yeast bread no sugar treat

Cinnamon yeast bread is another delightful non-sugar dessert that can be voted for our favourites. Tear, share and enjoy family time eating this delicious pastry.

Cinnamon yeast bread

Cinnamon yeast bread is something to please yourself and people around you with. It’s perfect for breakfast or you can save some bites for teatime chat with your loved ones. In any case you’ll be happily sitting, tearing and sharing it.

Preparation time: less than 20 minutes
Total time: 2 hours

Are you interested? Let’s see the recipe.



900 grams (6 cups) flour
1/2 litres (2 cups) of milk
50 grams butter
2 eggs
5 grams yeast
A teaspoon of agave syrup or honey


100 grams of butter
3 spoonfuls cinnamon
1 spoonful of honey

How to make it:

1. Put the honey or agave syrup and the yeast into warm (not hot) half cup of milk. Leave it for a couple of minutes to foam.
2. Get a big bowl and put flour, sliced butter, eggs and the rest of the milk in it.
3. Pour foamy yeast milk into a big bowl on top of the other ingredients.
4. Knead the mixture well until it’s even and there’s no flour left on the edge of the bowl.

5. Cover the bowl and leave it in a warm place for about half an hour to rise. (I usually put it in the 40 C degree heated oven. If you do the same, be careful not to turn the heat higher than 40 C degree. Because if you do it will kill the yeast and the dough is never going to rise.)

6. In the meantime, prepare the filling. Put butter, honey and grinded cinnamon into a medium bowl, whisk them together and leave the cream on the side ready to spread.

7. After half an hour waiting take dough out of the bowl onto a lightly floured work surface and roll it into a 30 cms square.

8. Spread the coat of butter, cinnamon and honey combo evenly on the top of the dough. 

9. Cut the square into 4 equal strips and put them on top of each other like this:

Sweet cinnamon yeast bread

10. When they are evenly on top of each other cut them into squares again.

Sweet cinnamon yeast bread

11. At this point you will need 2 loaf tins.  Cover them with baking paper before you start putting the pastry into it like this:

Sweet cinnamon yeast bread

12. Leave them for another 20 minutes to rise then pop them into the pre-heated oven (180 C degree) for half an hour.

Yeast bread in the oven

In some cases they can be baked earlier, in other ovens it would take 40 minutes to be ready.  So it is worth to check after 25 minutes. Get a fork or a toothpick and poke the bread if no dough is left on the toothpick you can turn off the oven and take the bread out. Leave them cool down a bit before serving.

Cinnamon yeast bread

Enjoy your homemade cinnamon yeast bread with a hot drink!



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