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Bunny cake with coconut and chocolate

Bunny cake face

Bunny cake without sugar is an excellent dessert that you can make for Easter or any other time for kids.

Bunny cake project began a couple of days ago. I started to write this post when Easter was just round the corner then I was carried away with the hundreds of things we were doing in the holidays. Fun and happy time of the year, spring, decorating the house, baking delicious treats for the family and friends. Trees are blooming and chocolate egg hunt was ahead but making this bunny cake was one of the priorities. I can’t imagine anything better than this chocolate and coconut bunny cake as the main Easter dessert to serve. Kids love the shape of the bunny cake, adult love the cake itself because of its taste. My husband calls it bounty bunny cake as its base is a lot of coconut and chocolate. Who doesn’t like bounty? Plus side also, that it’s another treat on my no sugar desserts list. Basically, there is at least one, usually different feature that makes everybody happy in the family.

How to prepare:

You will need:


Cake base:

Dry ingredients:
250 grams flour
Baking powder

3 eggs
150 grams butter
3 spoonfuls of honey

(optionally one spoonful of vanilla extract)

100 grams unsweetened cocoa powder
0.3 litres boiling water
0.2 litres sour cream


150 grams grinded coconut

2 spoonfuls flour (if you have cornstarch you can use it instead of the flour for better results but if you don’t have any plain flour would do the job almost as well as the cornstarch)

1 spoonful of vanilla extract

1 spoonful of honey (if you love it sweeter, you might want to put 2 or 3 spoonfuls of honey into this mixture.)

0.5 litres milk


1. First of all, you’ll need 3 medium bowls to sort different cake ingredients in.

2. Mix unsweetened cocoa powder and boiling water in the first bowl until you get smooth liquid without any lumps in it. Put it aside a bit to cool.

Bunny cake base

3. Meanwhile measure and mix flour with the baking powder.

4. When the cocoa mixture cooled a bit (well, at least it’s not boiling hot) put sour cream into it. Stir and mix.

Bunny cake base

5. Whisk butter and honey with an electric-mixer until butter has a light yellow colour. Then put eggs into the mixture one by one. Mix them well.

6. Put eggs into the butter one by one. Blend them well.

Butter, eggs and honey

7. With the mixer on low speed, add flour in three additions alternating with the cocoa mixture, mixing each addition just until incorporated.

8. Pour batter into prepared round cake tin and put it into the 180 C degree pre-heated oven.

9. Bake the cake for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. It is ready if it looks like something similar: 

Bunny cake base

10. When baked transfer the tray onto a wire rack and let it cool completely. 

11. To make the filling, get a medium sized bowl to put grinded coconut, vanilla extract, honey and flour into it.

12. Pour about 0.1 litres of milk into it and blend them well with a wooden spoon until you have a smooth mixture. 

13. Pour the rest of the milk into a saucepan to warm it before you put the coconut, flour, vanilla and honey mixture into the bowl to boil them.


14. Put the coconut mixture into it and stir continuously until it bubbles.

Bunny cake coconut filling

15. Place it aside and wait until it cools down completely and ready to work with.

16. When cake cooled, get it out of the tray onto a wooden surface and cut two leaf shapes of the two sides. (They will be the bunny’s ears and the rest of the cake will be the bunny’s head.) Something like this.

Bunny cake base

17. Now it’s ready for the topping. Spread coconut cream on top to cover bunny head and ears completely.

Bunny cake covered with coconut cream

18. Now here comes the tricky bit. At least it is tricky for me as I’m not a confectioner and not even close to one. Until this point I was pretty confident. But unfortunately decorating and drawing with decorating pastry pencil is not really my cup of tea. So I’m sure anybody can draw a better bunny face. Mine looks like this.

Bunny cake face

19. Some tweaking here and there helps a little bit and the bunny cake is ready to be served. Trying this coconut and chocolate cake combo makes little ones and grown-ups happy, as well.

Bunny cake face

Happy Easter! Happy holidays!





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2 thoughts on “Bunny cake with coconut and chocolate”

  • Dear Edi! I have to tell you that, I had doubts about how this delicious looking bunny will taste without sugar. Well, for my first attempt it turned out very tasty, the cake itself is very moisty just how I like it and the bitterness of the raw cocoa just melted together perfectly with the great coconut cream topping. Kudos for this recipe!

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