Simple to make ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe. Not only you will enjoy but truly love.

Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe could come handy in summertime when you accidentally bump into boxes of ripe fruit that can’t be resisted. It could easily happen when you are walking in the farmers market. As of course it happened to me, too. After my first successful attempt of making jams (two months ago I made some jars of strawberry jam) I couldn’t wait to have some ripe apricots in my hands. I was seriously ready for the next step. In this post you can read more tips and tricks that helps you make the ultimate apricot jam. So on your marks, get set, go.

Find ingredients, easy to follow instructions, little tips and tricks here. 

My first tip is to start with a small amount. Unlikely last time, now I started with smaller amount of fruit. 3 kg/6.6lb of apricots with stones and unpeeled. Although I haven’t measured it stoned and peeled but it was about the right amount to make.)

Make sure to have  all the equipment you need before you start:

  • 4-5 medium size jars with matching lids. I always save and recycle empty jam jars for different reasons. So this time they came handy. Don’t worry if you don’t have any at home, you can always pick up a nice set.
  • A big and a medium size saucepan:
  • The big saucepan to sterilise jars and lids
  • The medium saucepan to cook apricots in
  • Wooden spoon
  • A sharp knife
  • Ladle
  • Jar grabber to pick up hot jars and lids. You’ll need them to put jars and lids into the saucepan and take them out without burning yourself.
  • Kitchen towel
  • Tea-towels (as many as the jars that you want to wrap them in)


3 kilogrammes of ripe apricots

4 spoonfuls honey (agave syrup, other sweetener or sugar of your preference.)

Zest of 2 lemons

0.1 litres of liquid (to pour in the saucepan at the beginning of the cooking process) it can be any fruit juice of your preference or water.

How to make it:

1. Rinse apricots in cold water. Rinse and grate lemon skin and leave it in a little bowl for later.

2. Peel and stone apricots. Here’s my little trick that makes peeling easier. Just before you want to peel the apricots, drop them into boiling hot water and leave them there for about a minute. As soon as you take them out of water skin comes off almost immediately.

Apricots in hot water - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

3. Put peeled, stoned, halves apricots into the big saucepan. Pour orange juice or water into the saucepan too. Bring it to boil in medium heat.

Cleaned apricots - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

4. Lower the heat, add lemon zest and honey or other sweetener to the simmering apricot dollop.

Shredded lemon peel as pectin - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

5. Whilst the jam is cooking, use your time to sterilise jars and lids. It is an important step if you don’t want your jams to go off before time. After you washed and rinsed jars and lids put them into a medium size saucepan of hot water. Bring the water to boil with the jars and lids in it. Keep them in for 10 minutes to sterilise.

Sterilizing the jars- Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

6. Meanwhile don’t forget to stir the jam. After 10 minutes take jars and lids out of the water using jar grabber. Be careful not to burn your fingers.

Sterilizing the jars 2- Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

7. Dry jars and lids properly. Make sure there’s no water stays in them.

Pairing the lids with jars - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

8. After about 40 minutes apricots should be soft and ready to put into jars.

Ready to be fillied into jars - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

9. Use a ladle to spoon jam into jars. When jar is almost full, screw lids on top and stand jars upside down for about 5 minutes.

Keep it upside down - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

Keep it upside down - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

10. When jam is settled turn jars back straightup. Clean outside of the jars in case some jam accidentally spilled on it by wiping them with a wet sponge then dry with kitchen towel before you  wrap them into tea-towels. Try to make this process as fast as possible. Don’t let apricot jam cool. Instead keep them tucked in the tea-towels for a day. Make sure you keep them warm. I tuck them in a warm blanket and leave the jam to cool down there. I know this step might sound a little bit rare but believe me it’s necessary otherwise your apricot jam will go off.

11. Here we are at the last step. After a day waiting we only have to label and decorate our ultimate apricot jam. And decide what we want to eat it with.

Waiting for the stickers - Ultimate low sugar apricot jam recipe - SunCakeMom

The possibilities are truly unlimited, starting with the easiest buttered breakfast toast. I mean who wouldn’t want to start the day with something delicious but still healthy, completely sugarfree. Finishing with any apricot base snack or dessert of your fantasy. For example, have you tried my no bake cheesecake with apricot, yet? If not have a look. Simple and delicious.

Have you got a favourite apricot recipe? Let me know below. I’d like to try.

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Do you fancy some nice jars and lids?

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