Sugar free strawberry jam recipe, it is easier to make than you think and still tastes fantastic!

Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

Sugar free strawberry jam is on the make. This is one of my favourite part of spring. It’s strawberry season! You can find this tasty, red fruit wherever you go. I’ve been making up new recipes that contains strawberries so we can enjoy its delicious taste day after day. As a bonus, I came across an excellent deal the other day. Strawberries were on sale! As of course I couldn’t resist, I might have bought a bit more than we could eat…

Fresh strawberries - Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

Luckily enough, I could call my mum to give me some advice as she has almost 40 years of experience of making jams. So I can totally trust her.

Here is her first piece of advice. Don’t even think to begin making jams unless you have at least a couple of hours to spend at home guarding your jam. Before you get me wrong, let me explain, it doesn’t mean you have to stand next to the saucepan for hours. But you have to make sure the jam is stirred occasionally. Beside that you can do practically everything else (cook dinner, read stories to the kids, watch a movie or your favourite series, chat your friends, check your Facebook posts or relax on the sofa).

Since we try to reduce our sugar and artificial preservatives consuming, I used lemon skin instead of the packet of pectin (you can normally buy in the shops) which is responsible for the consistency of the jam. Stevia leaves (that I have home in a pot) and some honey instead of sugar. The final result is wonderful. I bet you couldn’t spot the difference between this one and the one most of us used to which made with sugar.


  • 4 kilogrammes strawberries
  • 2 lemon (to be precise only the skin what we’ll need.)
  • 8 tablespoons honey (2 spoonfuls per kilogramme)
  • A bunch of stevia leaves

How to make strawberry jam without sugar:

1. Use your biggest saucepan to cook strawberries.

2. Wash strawberries, cut the leaves off the top, chop them into halves or smaller pieces before putting all of them in the saucepan followed by the honey.

Strawberry jam on the make - Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

3. Increase heat, stir mixture occasionally. The strawberries start liquifying slowly.

4. Add grated lemon skin into the mixture.

Strawberry jam with grated lemon skin - Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

5.Add the stevia leaves. I know these green leaves might look strange in the jam but don’t worry, it will taste fab at the end.

Strawberry jam made with stevia - Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

6. Mix and cook for another half an hour until it all starts coming together as syrup consistency. Don’t forget to stir occasionally.

Strawberry jam- Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

7. In the meantime clean and sterilise jam jars and their lids. Wash and rinse them first. Then put them in a big saucepan of water and bring them to a boil.

8. Dry jars with a clean tea-towel to get them ready for the cooked jam.

9.Close the lid tightly and turn jar upside-down for about 5 minutes. Let strawberry jam settle before you turn it back. (Don’t ask me why you need to do this step… My mum, my grandma and my great grandmother did it this way and some reason it works perfectly.)

10. Turn jars back straightup and wrap them into tea-towels one by one to keep them warm. Tuck them in a warm blanket and leave strawberry jam to cool down there for the next 24 hours. Before you place them in the fridge. Maybe it sounds a bit strange but this is a crucial step otherwise the strawberry jam will go off.

Sugar free strawberry jam - SunCakeMom

11. Put them in the fridge. Enjoy having them with different desserts  such as crepes or yogurts that you can use your delicious, healthy, homemade strawberry jam.

I know this might sound like a long process but believe me it is worth dedicating your time making strawberry jam for a lot of reasons. You’ll know that’s healthy without any sugar or artificial preservatives. It’s delicious, it’s not difficult to make and you can proudly present your own homemade strawberry jam dessert for any guests coming for tea. Enjoy it for breakfast with some croissant or just have a spoonful without any reason.


Do you have enough jars at home?



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