Sugar free condensed milk recipe without the guilty conscious. Isn’t it perfect?

Sugar free condensed milk recipe - SunCakeMom

I wouldn’t say that making this sugar free condensed milk recipe is hassle free but if you like desserts which main ingredient is condensed milk, you can’t avoid making some. Well, it’s not a lot of work to make and there is no trick in it. It’s just the time… You really need time to make it. Although, it is not too much hassle, you can do whatever you’d like beside making it, as you don’t need to stand next to the hob and guard it, you just simply have to stay at home and keep an eye on it every now and then.

I haven’t had any other choice only to make my homemade version of condensed milk without sugar as I couldn’t find any available brand without sugar or sweetener in them. So here I came. Desperate times, desperate measures. Instead of sugar or sweetener I used agave syrup which has a lot of health benefits and my family likes its taste.


  • 1 litres of milk (you get better results and more delicious condensed milk if you use whole milk instead of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk)
  • 6 spoonfuls agave syrup
  • Vanilla extract or a vanilla stick (personally I prefer vanilla stick but it’s not always available)
  • 2 tablespoons butter

How to make it:

  1. Measure milk, pour it into a heavy-bottomed saucepan and heat it.
  2. Stir it until you bring it to boil. Reduce heat to low.
  3. Pour in the agave syrup.Use agave syrup or honey - Sugar free condensed milk recipe - SunCakeMom
  4. Put in vanilla extract too. (Optionally you can put a bit of vanilla stick instead of the extract. I tried both, work perfectly.)Put vanilla extract in - Sugar free condensed milk recipe - SunCakeMom
  5. Now leave saucepan with the milk in low heat for about an hour, stir occasionally. The purpose is to reduce the amount of the milk in half.Stir it slowly - Sugar free condensed milk recipe - SunCakeMom
  6. When it’s reduced and the amount is about half litres, turn off the heat and leave in to cool a little bit before blend it together with the butter.
  7. Whisk butter in. Mix until smooth.

Ready to be used for different recipes!

Sugar free condensed milk recipe - SunCakeMom

Store homemade condensed milk without sugar in the fridge. Use it up within a week.


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