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About us

Welcome to SunCakeMom!

I’m Edi Baker and I love baking for fun. I also bake when I need some “me” time or when my husband and son ask me to contribute something to the Sunday dinner table. Not as I can’t cook delicious Sunday roast but I bake pies much better.
As I mainly am a grade 6 teacher during the school year, I find peace under the humming noise of the airflow oven where I am left alone with my thoughts and some kind of flour. This is where magic or rarely disasters happen.

Not being the follower type in life, I always found it hard to follow recipes in the kitchen, too. I’ve never gone to baking school or housewife course to get the basics right. However, when I was small girl, I always lurked around my mother or grandma whoever was in the kitchen. We had countless chats about big and little questions of life whilst I was helping and learning baking tricks from them that time.

When I got into my own kitchen many years after I left my family home, I’ve started experimenting with all sort of treats and inventing my own cakes and biscuits. It seems that I’ve got a natural talent for it as they turned out to be more than just edible. Soon, I got awarded a responsibility to bake birthday cakes for all of our friends’ party. The only problem was that no one knew the names of the cakes because I did not name them nor written down the recipes. It was really hard to explain who wanted which cake.

Then came the idea of writing down the recipes just to have them somewhere thus SunCakeMom has been born in 2014.
During the years the site changed quite a bit and so did we. We have eliminated refined sugar from our diet and minimized white flour and dairy consumption, as well. We haven’t gone gluten-free or paleo but we are trying to follow a nutritious, natural, healthy, balanced diet. This change of mind mirrors itself in our recipes during the years starting with the ingredients we choose through the processes we follow.

The other part of the team is my husband Thomas Brown. He is responsible for all things technical and cooking. He is Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and WordPress. He sharpens the knives, reviews the kitchen tools, takes the photos and builds the site. Also, he has to destroy all the cakes and cookies that aesthetics aren’t up to the site standards. It’s a taxing task so he has taken up running five times a week to be able to cope with the challenge.

On our site you may find links to products which are used by us and recommended by us. If you buy them through our links we are going to get a bit of commission of which we are grateful as it helps the site going. We recommend them because we use them and we love them. If you love other brands that’s totally fine, too. Make your choice and follow the path you have chosen. If you fancy to know what information we collect and how we keep our eyes on your happiness check out the Privacy Policy of

I hope, you find pleasure in our recipes as much as we find pleasure making them. If you like to get in touch with any of us you can do so through our contact us page.